Blood Bowl 2 Shows Off First Stadium


Ah, the inspiring sight of a “Blood Bowl” stadium. The empty stands are just waiting for crazed denizens from throughout the “Warhammer” fantasy world to fill them, while the grass is serene, at least until the players start dismembering each other and it turns red with blood.

Yep, that pretty much sums up what Cyanide Studios is going for with “Blood Bowl 2,” its upcoming completely overhauled PC game take on the classic Games Workshop tabletop game. The devs have released screen shots of the first stadium, which you can see both above and below.

Crafted by Orcs from across the Old World, this stadium looks set for battle and all of the improvements “Blood Bowl 2” is promising compared to the first game. The sequel is touting a brand new, custom built graphics engine, improved animations, dynamic camera angles, and a host of single-player and multiplayer features that aim to entice new players while giving seasoned veterans a proper challenge.

That’s not even mentioning the enhanced commentary from Jim Johnson and Bob Bifford, or all of the magic, mayhem, and dirty tricks that are staples of a proper “Blood Bowl” title. Stay tuned for much more on “Blood Bowl 2” as Cyanide prepares mores screenshots and the first gameplay videos in the weeks ahead.