PS4 Midnight Launch Party Details, Locations & Events Information


The PS4 launches in North America in just 17 hours from now, and the party is just starting! Across both the United States and Canada, Sony and gaming retailer stores are pulling off all the stops to make sure everyone has an awesome time either waiting in line for or attending events hosting the PlayStation 4. TV shows, giveaways, music, hundreds of gaming fans: it sounds like a fun time to be had. Want to join in? Here is where you can find some of the top PS4 launch party events for the November 15 launch.


PS4 All Access: Greatness Awaits – Spike TV is holding a one-hour TV event with GameTrailers TV host Geoff Keighley at 11 PM ET tonight. So far, we can expect The Last of Us story DLC and a Metal Gear Solid V announcement regarding the PlayStation 4, but there are tons of other surprises in store. Perhaps a new God of War title? Either way, you can watch it on Spike, UStream, Direct TV or on

PS4 San Francisco Launch Event – While fans around the world will be watching the TV to hear about the newest game announcements, fans in San Francisco can hang out at the GameStop near Union Square for an ultimate fan event. They expect that some fans will even come dressed as some of Sony’s greatest characters, including Ratchet and Clank, Nathan Drake, Crash Bandicoot and more. Festivities start at around 6 PM local and will include free PS4 and PS Vita giveaways, Knack and The Last of Us merch and so much more.

GameStop – It’s not just the San Francisco Union Square location that launches the PS4 at midnight: GameStops nationwide will be open to hand out games and the PS4 console itself as soon as they can. Check out their website to find a location near you.

Best Buy: The technology retailer has a specific page dedicated to their midnight launches across the US.

Sony Store – It wouldn’t make sense if the parent company didn’t open their retail stores for midnight when one of their biggest products is ready for release! Here is a list of ways you can get your hands on a PS4 at launch, including those without pre-orders.

Wal-Mart – Don’t think for a second that Wal-Mart isn’t staying up late to give out the goods. Check the store locator to find a location near you and call them up to see if they will be open.


If you live or frequent downtown Toronto, like I am fond to do, you would know that there are 3 major retailers around Yonge and Dundas Square: EB Games (flagship store on Yonge, lesser retailer store inside the Eaton’s Centre), Future Shop and Best Buy. Each of these main locations will be holding a midnight PS4 launch, with roughly 450-500 confirmed unreserved PlayStation 4 consoles between them available the same day for those who waited in line.

EB Games – The EB Games at 267 Yonge Street (across from the Eaton’s Centre) will be hosting a huge launch party starting at 9 PM. They will be pulling off all the stops, including a costume party, live DJ, refreshments, PS4 demos, live action PlayStation characters and a photo-op with Sony Canada VP and GM Steve Turvey at 8:30 PM. PS Vitas will be given out for the costume party, and the exact number of unreserved PS4’s available is unknown. However, hundreds of EB Games locations will be open at midnight.

Other big PS4 events held by EB Games include one in Calgary, Edmonton and Halifax.

Best Buy Canada – Where EB Games will be rocking out the the flair, Best Buy appears to be both matching in fervor and exceeding pre-order expectations. The Bay and Dundas location will be hosting a similar event with a similar PS Vita bundle giveaway, but will include at least 250 unreserved PS4 consoles at midnight. Locations in Vancouver, Winnipeg and Mississauga will have at least 100 unreserved consoles at select stores and all locations will open early and hold at least 25 unreserved units.

Future Shop – Taking a very West coast approach, Future Shop’s big PS4 event will be held in Vancouver near Robson St. In addition to at least 250 non-pre-order consoles at midnight, 5 PS Vita packages will be given away and yet another live DJ will be spinning tracks/pressing “Enter” on the keyboard. The sub-party launches in Edmonton, Toronto and Calgary will also have 100 pre-order-free PS4 consoles and all locations will open at 8 AM and have 25 units ready for purchase.


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