PS4 Accessory Guide


The launch of the PlayStation 4 is finally here, and if you’re one of the PlayStation die-hards camping out for your system, you likely have your mind made up as to what games your getting to go alongside your new shiny toy. But there are plenty of other items for the PS4 that you can be getting other than the system itself and some games, and Gamesided has you covered.

Below is just a few of the extra peripherals to purchase for the newest game console from Sony. Everything from a docking station to a headset is here for you to purchase to make sure your experience with your new PS4 is a happy one. So, without further adieu.

Dualshock 4

This one goes without saying. Obviously — especially if you have multiple gamers in your household — you’ll want to pick up a second controller for the PS4. The Dualshock 4 runs $59.99, and comes in black, magma red and, eventually, aqua blue.

Charging Station

You have your two controllers, but you don’t want to leave them plugged into your console to charge them. That’s where a charging station comes in handy. When your done with your gaming session, just pop your DS4s onto the dock, and let it do its work. There are already different models out there, but Amazon has, at least, two listed already. A $29.99 one as well as a $24.99 one.

Playstation Camera

Originally supposed to be packaged with the PS4, the PlayStation camera now comes as a separate item. Selling for $59.99, the Camera allows players to take advantage of the “move” functions that the DS4 controller can utilize. Of course, not many games take advantage of the camera yet, but it doesn’t hurt to pick one up for when more games that use the camera get released.

A Headset

The PS4 is going to come packaged with a small, single-eared mono headset that basically is half of a pair of earbud headphones. The hardcore gaming community surely isn’t going to let that fly for their squad-based gaming needs. Instead of using the little headset Sony provides, why not pick up something bigger and better. Turtlebeach, the leader in gaming headsets, has its official PS4 headsets now on sale starting at $24.95. The lower model isn’t earth shattering, but it sure beats what Sony is giving out.

A Larger Harddrive

It comes with a 500GB HDD, but let’s face it, it’s only a matter of time before the amount of game installs on your console adds up to way more than 500GB. And sure, you can always just delete some data, but who really wants to do that. Instead, just pick up a bigger hard drive for the console. The PS4 takes standard 2.5 inch hard drives, and can be upgraded without voiding the system’s warranty. You can get these hard drives at different prices for different sizes. Sites across the web have these for sale, but for an example, here is a $109.99 1TB HDD from Amazon.