Playing John Malkovich: Spike Jonze Interested in Making Games


Devin Faraci of Badass Digest is reporting that following a screening of Spike Jonze’s new film Her, the auteur director was asked if he had any interest in creating games. His response? Apparently Jonze and “producer Megan Ellison had actually been talking about making video games”.

Jonze, described as “one of the most original and intriguing filmmakers” out there, is responsible for films both cerebral and gorgeous like Being John Malkovich, and Adaptation. His next movie, Her (debuts January 10th) touches on games and gaming, dealing with a man who falls in love with a sentient, Siri-like operating system. Producer Megan Ellison, meanwhile, is the daughter of Larry Ellison, billionaire CEO of Orcale Corporation. She has a track record of backing unique artists and projects.

So what can be expected from a Jonze created video game? Judging by the attention to odd detail in his films, something akin to a hipster Shadow of the Colossus wouldn’t be surprising. Of course Jonze also has a history with the Jackass guys, and selfishly I’ve been waiting for a “toy car up the butt” video game for far too long.