Killzone: Shadow Fall Review Roundup


One of the more anticipated games that will launch for the PS4 is Killzone: Shadow Fall.

The shooter from Guerrilla Games is one of the launch titles for the new system and it’s out this Friday, November 15 in North America, then November 29 across the UK and Europe.

The list below contains some reviews for the game and they’ve been very positive.

One of the things that’s praised about the game is how gorgeous it looks and this is because they changed the color.

The world is presented in a way that makes you want to explore it.

The one downside is the enemy AI in the game, as on occasion they tend to be unresponsive when the player approaches them.

This doesn’t take away from the overall experience of the game and fans of the series will be delighted once they get a chance to play it.

Destructoid – 9
Eurogamer – 7
Polygon – 5
IGN – 8
OPM – 8
GameReactor – 8 – 8
Toronto Sun – 3.5/5
Gamespot – 7
Gametrailers – 8.8

The video below is the launch trailer for the game.

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