PS4 Voice Commands Limited At Launch


While the PlayStation 4 won’t come prepackaged with a PS Camera, consumers can still pick one up at launch for their system. The only problem is that one of the key features of the Camera, voice commands, will be limited at launch.

Voice commands aren’t going to be able wake up  PS4s from standby mode, nor will they be functional with the console’s third-party apps. The PS Camera it will be good for, at the start, are games that utilize the add-on, turning off the console and opening up games. Sony reps told Engadget that they plan to add more UI functionality to the camera, and they hope that more third-party apps utilize the camera’s capabilities.

When comparing to Microsoft, a company who has strongly emphasized its voice command functions on the Xbox One, Engadget notes that it seems clear that Sony isn’t as interested as its competitor in regards of camera and mic input. They seem to be simply putting more focus on making the PS4 the best gaming console it can possibly be.

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