NBA Live 14 Hands On


NBA Live 14 releases in a week, but EA Sports hasn’t really done a good job informing consumers about it’s first NBA title since NBA Live 10. Thankfully, our friends over at Gamesradar have been able to get their hands on the next-gen basketball sim, and have given a full hands-on preview of the game.

Rich Grisham was able to sit down and play the new game during his exclusive meeting with three of the game’s developers, and came away thoroughly impressed with what he saw.

A few points from his article:

  • “NBA Live 14’s controls are layered, allowing anyone to jump right in and play, but also offering a surprising amount of variety. Face buttons and the left stick control the core mechanics; you pass, shoot, and execute simple hop steps by pressing the associated button and move your player around the court with the left stick. “
  • No practice mode to learn the new controls.
  • Day one patch to address “known issues”
  • “When moving back and forth across the court from possession to shot, things run smoothly”
  • “Action gets a bit choppy during some fights for rebounds, and the ball physics off the rim seem a bit clunky”

You can check out the full article for yourself by following the link HERE. You can follow him on twitter @RichGrisham.