Morning DLC: Video Games News And Rumors 11/12/13


"Sony had plenty of new features to show from the PS4’s user interface at their review event on Monday. The preview in New York City showed a live demonstration of the intricacies of the PS4’s brand new operating system.On startup, the system prompts the user to select his or her profile. If a camera is connected, facial recognition will take over and automatically sign in the person holding the controller. Facial recognition will need to go through a one-time setup.This looked like a vast improvement to the facial recognition I’m used to with the Xbox Kinect. The person running the demonstration stood behind two people. The camera highlighted each face, and then recognized the user as the person who matched the profile."

The Game Guy

"“FTL: Faster Than Light,” the critically acclaimed spaceship management sim, will release on iPad in early 2014.In a statement posted on the “FTL” website, the game’s programmer Matthew Davis announced that an iPad version of the game is in development.Davis also revealed that a free expansion for the original PC version, entitled “FTL: Advanced Edition,” will also be released in early 2014.The iPad version of “FTL” has been optimised for touch controls, and will also include all the new features added in the Advanced Edition."


"John Pleasants, the hard-charging co-president of Disney’s video game and web division, announced his resignation on Monday, effective immediately, although he will continue as a consultant for a while.Mr. Pleasants said his original contract had extended into next summer. He is expected to remain involved in Disney Interactive through January to help with the transition.Mr. Pleasants, who had been chief executive of Playdom, joined Disney in July 2010, when it paid $563.2 million for Playdom, then the No. 3 social game company on Facebook. Previously, he had been chief operating officer of Electronic Arts and, before that, chief executive of Ticketmaster."

New York Times