Killzone: Shadow Fall Launch Trailer Released


The buzz this week in the gaming world is all about Sony getting ready to launch their next gen console the PS4.

One of the more anticipated titles for the console is Killzone: Shadow Fall and it’s also a launch title as well.

There’s a lot of expectations that the game will be one of the many reasons to own a PS4 in the coming months.

The game looks tremendous and you can tell that the team at Guerrilla Games has been working hard to make this one of the better looking games available on next gen consoles.

One of the things that immediately jumps out is the color in the game. The previous Killzone games were great to play, but the environment was dark.

This was something they wanted to change in moving the series forward.

They have released a launch trailer for Killzone: Shadow Fall, as the game is set to come out this Friday.

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