Kabam To Distribute China’s Top Web Game In The US


As mobile game publishers continue to look to the East for hits that might be able to achieve the same kind of success in the West, Kabam continues to be one of the most aggressive players. The San Francisco-based company grabbed another notable game this week, announcing a deal to become the exclusive distributor for a Western version of “JSSG,” China’s number one web-based game according to Baidu Index.

Also known as “Three Kingdoms Action,” “JSSG” is described as an RPG/strategy hybrid, a mix that is right in Kabam’s wheelhouse. Yet it’s not coming over as a straight port. Recognizing the different tastes of Eastern and Western audiences, Kabam is working with original developer Joy You to give the new version “a Medieval/Arthurian theme” while also changing some of the gameplay mechanics.

“Our licensing of ‘JJSG’ shows yet again how Kabam can work with the world’s most exciting and innovative programmers to bring their games to even wider audiences,” Kabam CEO and co-founder Kevin Chou said in a press release announcing the deal. “Game companies, wherever they are located, are realizing that Kabam is becoming the go-to company when they want to expose their titles to the opportunities outside of their home markets.”

Kabam has a $50 million development fund specifically focused on finding games in other countries to bring to the West, and its working with developers in 30 different countries. “JSSG” certainly won’t be its last acquisition, but with its high profile in China, it’s one worth watching over the coming months.


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