Digital Foundry Says Dead Rising 3 Has Frame Rate Issues


With the Xbox One launch titles already gone gold, there’s little Microsoft or Capcom Vancouver can do now to combat, improve or correct possible frame rate issues with Dead rising 3. According to a Digital Foundry report, the game has issues staying at 30 FPS, despite being at a reduced 720p resolution.

"Dead Rising 3’s big problem is that despite its many next-gen enhancements, overall polish feels lacking, while resolution and frame-rate fall more into line with a current-gen title."

Here are their videos outlining specific events that make the frame rate drop to as low as 16 frames a second.

It’s not completely far-fetched for a game that specializes in having as many individually rendered zombies on screen as possible to have some issues at times with dropping the frame rate. However, for Dead Rising 3 to launch at a 720p resolution, plus drop frames constantly, even in the middle of dialogue-driven cutscenes? It is not the most optimal of circumstances.

Regardless of if you can spot differences in resolution or not (it is much harder to spot the differences than with FPS), it is immediately noticeable when mowing through hordes of zombies. The performance of Dead Rising 3 visibly chugs through conflicts with lots of AI movements and actions. Time will tell if reviewers believe that the performance is impacted enough to lower the critical scores.

Dead Rising 3 launches Day 1 with the Xbox One on November 22nd.