The Top 5 Video Game “Freebies” Of All Time

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2. Sony’s Security Breach

This wasn’t really a bonus, as much as it was an apology. In 2011 the PlayStation Network was compromised, and 77 million of it’s members may have had their credit card data, their names and addresses, and other personal information stolen as a result.
To apologize for this, Sony offered 2 free PS3 and PSP game downloads to their affected customers, including A-titles like Little Big Planet and inFAMOUS.*
At the time people were LIVID that Sony would offer games to compensate for potential identity theft. 2 years later, and with no reported usage of the compromised information, Cole MacGrath’s lightning power looks like a good trade off.

*Curiously, Sony also offered a free 30 day PlayStation Plus membership and a free 30 day Music unlimited subscription to affected members. Maybe they’re just being a little preemptive this time around?