Xbox One Always Online DRM, 24 Hour Check-In ‘Not Returning’


Many who have opposed the Xbox One at first were not huge fans of the DRM the console had originally proposed. 24 hour mandatory check-ins are a problem for those who travel, have connectivity issues with their internet service provider or happen to be one of the 15% of Americans who don’t even use the internet (not to say the console has US-only detractors). It was a relief for those with the DRM concerns that the Xbox One would not require these check ins outside of the mandatory Day 1 patch.

However, there are some that still believe that the Xbox One can go back to those launch-day specifications at a later content update. Well, according to Corporate Vice President of the Xbox division Marc Whitten, those fears can be laid to rest.

Unless misspelling “definitely” is some sort of pseudo-loophole that I don’t know about, it appears as though the Xbox One will not see the 24 hour check-in for the entirety of the console’s lifetime. However, with previous remarks from Xbox executive Major Nelson saying, “We can’t just flip a switch to turn off DRM,” it’s best to at least make a mental note of this for the future. The only thing better than being kept accountable is keeping your word, and many wish that the DRM stays off the Xbox One.


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