New Game Releases: PS4 Launch Games Edition


We interrupt our usual Sunday night preview of what’s coming out this week to provide this special announcement: there’s a new console coming out this Friday! I know, right? It kind of snuck up on me too, as it’s not getting much media attention or anything.

Jokes aside, the PS4 is nearly upon us, with the Xbox One following closely behind (just not this week). That means launch titles, and perhaps, if history is any indication, expectations that are a little too high. Not that a new console isn’t hugely exciting, because it is. It’s just that launch games tend not to be the most fondly remembered when it’s all said and done.

I can hear you telling me to stop raining on your parade out of my intense jealousy that I’m not going to have a PS4 in my own house this week. Fine, you got me. I’m envious no matter what you’re going to be playing.

And what will you be playing? Now we’ve finally segued into the heart of this post. Coming your way on November 15, here’s what will be available right away on Ps4 (North America only, sorry Europe and Japan, your wait is going to be a bit longer):

PS4 Launch Games – Retail – November 15

  • “Angry Birds Star Wars” 
  • “Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag”
  • “Battlefield 4″ (available before November 15)
  • “Call of Duty: Ghosts”
  • “FIFA 14”
  • “Injustice: Gods Among Us – Ultimate Edition”
  • “Just Dance 2014”
  • “Killzone: Shadow Fall”
  • “Knack”
  • “Lego Marvel Super Heroes”
  • “Madden NFL 25”
  • “NBA 2K14”
  • “Need for Speed: Rivals”
  • “Skylanders: Swap Force”

PS4 Launch Games – Download-Only – November 15

  • “Blacklight:Retribution”
  • “Contrast”
  • “DC Universe Online”
  • “Divekick”
  • “Escape Plan”
  • “flOw”
  • “Flower”
  • “Minecraft”
  • “The Pinball Arcade”
  • “The PlayRoom”
  • “Resogun”
  • “Sound Shapes”
  • “Super Motherload”
  • “Switch Galaxy Ultra”
  • “Tiny Brains”
  • “Trine 2”
  • “Warframe”

Could I have missed one? Quite possibly, especially on the download-only slate. If so, I apologize. Oh, and in case you’re wondering where games like “NBA Live 14” are, it’s not going to be in stores until November 19. That’s pretty close to launch, but you won’t be able to play it when you bring home your PS4 on the first day, so I’m not counting it. Splitting hairs, I know.

And despite how it may seem, the rest of the video game industry isn’t just stepping aside and letting the new consoles get every gaming dollar. Here are a few noteworthy releases on other platforms:

Also out this week: “Injustice: Gods Among Us – Ultimate Edition” (PS3, Xbox 360, PC, Vita) – November 12; “World of Warplanes” (PC) – November 12; “Bioshock Infinite” Burial at Sea, Episode One DLC – November 12; (PS3, Xbox 360, PC); “XCOM: Enemy Within – Commander Edition” (Ps3, Xbox 360) – November 12; “Baldur’s Gate II – Enhanced Edition” (PC, Mac) – November 15