Morning DLC: Video Games News And Rumors 11/9/13


"We quite like the new Xbox One Dashboard. In particular, we love how fast multitasking between the apps can be. But what else can you do with your Xbox One? A new video from Microsoft finally goes over what you can do with the OS.Obviously, there’s a lot of Kinect. You’ll be able to configure your Xbox One to act as an IR blaster with your TV, letting you say “Xbox mute” to control your TV. You’ll also be able to use the system’s HDMI-in to have live TV instantly accessible using your voice. By choosing your cable provider, you can say “Xbox, watch CBS” and jump instantly to the channel."


"BioWare has published a series of tweets teasing “the next chapter of Mass Effect”.Key “Mass Effect” staff, from series producer Michael Gamble to executive producer Casey Hudson and BioWare Montreal studio director Yanick Roy, took to the social network to post a number of images of staff at work on “Mass Effect 4.”BioWare Montreal has taken over development duties on “Mass Effect,” with original developer BioWare Edmonton now working on a brand new IP. The story of “Mass Effect 4” won’t relate to Shepard or the events of the previous three games, while the new title will share “core systems” with “Dragon Age 3.”"


"“Doctor Who: Legacy” will be traveling to your phone just in time for the series’ 50th anniversary.The Doctor hasn’t fared terribly well in the realm of video games, but you can’t keep a good Time Lord down. A new Doctor Who game is headed to mobile devices in the near future, titled “Doctor Who: Legacy.” If the name didn’t tip you off, the timing of the announcement should: if the game arrives in the next few weeks, it’ll line up perfectly with the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary episode on November 23. The episode will star current Doctor Matt Smith, previous Doctor David Tennant, and enigmatic mystery bonus Doctor John Hurt, but there’s no word on how closely (if at all) the game will tie in with the episode itself."

The Escapist