The Xbox One Dashboard Is Quick, But Choppy With Kinect Voice Control


We are just two weeks away from the launch of the Xbox One, and now more and more information about how the console runs and plays games is coming out of the woodwork. Take

The Verge

, for example, as they explore the Xbox One’s dashboard utilities using the Kinect voice controls alongside Xbox platform engineering manager Jeff Henshaw.

Right off the bat, a cloth covering the Kinect is removed so the device can recognize Verge’s Nilay, instantly switching to his pre-set UI color choice of pink. Microsoft PR have been hyping the operating system’s quickness, and it appears that it definitely the case.

From there, the fast-past snapping continues when entering voice commands, but it appears as though registering voices is a little bit iffy at first. Nilay says “Xbox: OneGuide” three times in order to get the TV guide to appear on screen. As well, trying to get to the app channels was a bit bothersome, with Nilay using the controller instead. To end it all, he commands the Xbox One to return to Forza Motorsport 5 in progress, showing off that instant gameplay technical aspect prevalent in this year’s holiday console releases.

Overall, it looks like the Kinect can make things easier and quicker IF you know how to use it right. It apparently takes 30 minutes to learn how to comfortably use the Kinect voice controls, but it looks like the more time spent with the Xbox One, the more you will learn about its lesser-known tips and tricks. I mean, redeeming a QR code using Kinect looks like a walk in the park. The more handy and innovative access is to a new gamer, the better.

Make sure to watch the entire 4 minute video to get a better grasp on the way Kinect and Xbox One works for yourself. The Xbox One launches worldwide two weeks from today on November 22nd.


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