Transformers: Legends References Classic TV Episode With The Golden Lagoon Event


We’ve already seen that the developers working on “Transformers: Legends” are faithful fans of the source material—meaning the original cartoons and toys, not the Michael Bay flicks. Heck, just last week during the Halloween event, there was an appearance by Starscream’s ghost.

This week’s episode (the game’s term for a weekly event) is an even more direct callback to a classic cartoon. “The Golden Lagoon” sees the Decepticons find a mysterious liquid called electrum that makes them immune to the Autobots’ lasers and energy weapons. Eventually the heroic ‘bots end up coated in the stuff too, leading to an interesting stalemate.

Naturally, the plot of that episode finds its way into “Transformers: Legends” in the form of special gold cards of some of the characters who end up taking a dip in electrum. The event’s medium and hard campaigns have gold Sideswipe and Jazz cards, respectively, that can be evolved into powerful forms. Ruby medals can be exchanged for gold versions of Decepticon jets like Thrust and Dirge, and the ranking rewards for the top players include an evolvable gold Ironhide.

Sadly, the gold cards probably won’t be immune to other players’ cards in the next PvP episode, but they’re still really cool examples of how respectfully “Transformers: Legends” treats what’s come before. The game is a free download and is available on iOS and Android devices. “The Golden Lagoon” is live now and runs through November 12 at 8 pm ET.


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