PS4 Launch Game Warframe Shows Off Teaser Trailer


There’s been some definite hand-wringing about the lineup of PS4 launch titles as we sit just one week away from the new console’s launch. But one game that has always been targeted for day one release is the futuristic third-person shooter “Warframe,” and the new teaser trailer unveiled today shows a glimpse of what players can expect.

And if you like what you see, there’s an extra reason to jump on “Warframe” before next week. That’d be the Warframe: Ultimate Fan Pack, which you can grab for free by pre-ordering the game by November 12. The pack includes a special PlayStation branded Braton Rifle weapon skin, along with 50 platinum and 20,000 credits to spend in-game. To get it, you just need to pre-order the game online through SEN or go to the PS4 section of the PS3 store (no, really). And since “Warframe” is free-to-play, there’s really no downside to pre-ordering.

Oh yeah, that trailer we promised. It’s right here:


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