NBA Live 14 Demo Coming November 19


A release date for the demo of EA Sports’ return game back into the basketball market has been announced, and it’s coming on the same day that the game itself releases to the public.

That’s right, originally planned for launched day of the console, the demo for NBA Live 14 will now be coming to the PlayStation 4 on November 19.

Call me crazy, but wouldn’t releasing a demo for the game before it releases be more beneficial than putting it out on the day of the game’s release? Sure, it allows players to test out the game before deciding on making the $60 plunge, but when the company already decides to not have the game release at launch with the console, it shows that they don’t seem to mind too much about overall sales. In fact, this decision has the potential to hurt sales more than not releasing a demo at all.

Players may have just decided to take the dive and purchase the game on the 19th, but now with a demo coming out the same day, it gives them a chance to see if the game is good or bad. If the game’s good, then great. However, if it turns out to be a poorly put together title, EA Sports might have just screwed the future of the series with its decision.

Of course, this take could have all been avoided if the game would’ve just been set as a launch title for the PS4. At least then there would be a reasonable excuse as to why no demo was made available. Or, you know, they could just release some actual gameplay footage for people to see.

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