A Look Inside The PlayStation 4


In the latest edition to the category of awesome, Wired.com has released a video of SONY Japan engineering director Yasuhiro Ootori taking apart a PlayStation 4, and showing how every piece of the system fits perfectly together.

Talk about cool. Ootori explains why each piece, like the power supply, was done the way it was done for the console. He gives gamers and tech junkies alike a look at a game console in a way we’re not used to seeing.

The coolest thing about this video is the fact that Ootori states that the built in 500GB HDD can be removed and exchanged for a larger capacity drive.

Though it looks awesome on the inside, opening the PS4 will void every warranty the company offers for the system. So to get your fix of tech, check out the video from wired, below:

The PS4 launches on November 15 for $399.


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