The PlayStation 4 Retail Box Looks Remarkably Thin Up Close


We are getting closer and closer to the North American launch of the PS4, which means that brick-and-mortar retail warehouses are gearing up on filling their console inventories. And with more PlayStation 4 boxes in the wild, the greater chance that somebody will take some behind-the-scene photos.

Forgive the low-quality picture, but this is what the PlayStation 4 retail box looks like up close and personal. Photos from warehouses have been leaked and posted on places like Redditand at first glance it appears as though the box is rather small. Yes, we’ve known that the PS4 is a lot smaller in size than previous PlayStation consoles have been at launch, but compare it to the size of the PlayStation 3 launch retail box and it looks like you could fit at least 2 PS4 boxes inside of it.

It’s hard to compare it with the Xbox One’s retail box, as the one tweeted by Major Nelson is hard to gauge how thick the box actually is. But, for right now, let it sink in that this box is real, it’s out there, and it’s just waiting to be sold. We’re roughly 9 days away from the beginning of the 8th generation of video game consoles. Please be excite!


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