New Bravely Default Gameplay Trailer Released (Video)


If you were looking for a JRPG from Square Enix to return to their Final Fantasy I-X roots, then Bravely Default is the game for you. A trailer for the Nintendo 3DS game

was released today

, hitting stores in Europe on December 6th.

The game will be localized from the original Japanese game, but with changes to content to make the game more compact. Bravely Default also sees a great deal of voice acting, cutscenes, loads of improvements and will see completion time reduced from 70 to 30 hours to remove most of the fluff.

In many ways, Bravely Default is a spiritual successor to the Final Fantasy series. Combat is turn-based, orchestral themes take great inspiration from previous Final Fantasy gamesand it even features the classic Job system of character progression. The game expands upon the norm for Square Enix, however, as there will be multiple endings and multi-hit combos within the constraints of turn-based fighting.

The game has been successful over in Japan, justifying translations and worldwide releases. Even though we in North America have to wait until early-2014 for a Nintendo 3DS release, make sure to check out the trailer above and see for yourself whether or not it’s worth the wait.


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