PS Vita 3.00 Update Now Live


The 3.00 firmware update for the PlayStation Vita is now live and available for everyone to download.

The update prepares the handheld device for the launch of the PlayStation 4 later this month by adding the PS4 Link. The PS4 Link app adds remote play and second screen connectivity between the handheld device and parent console.

Remote play will work with “most” PS4 games as long as the Vita and PS4 are connected on the same local network. Sony states that the feature will work best if the PS4 is connected via ethernet and the Vita is close to the Wi-fi access point.

The second screen feature of the app will allow players to access additional content on their Vita for games that are made to support the feature. Second screen capabilities will also be available to those who download the upcoming PlayStation app for iOS and Android devices.

The update also adds the proper firmware to allow party chat between the PS4 and Vita when the console releases on November 15. Other minor features include the addition of a parental controls app to the home screen, a panoramic camera setting, a new layout to the friends app, an ability to sync e-mail contacts, data transfer between PS3 and Vita and the ability to download future system software updates automatically, among others. The full list can be found on Sony’s blog.