NBA Live 14 New Screenshots


The release of NBA Live 14, EA Sports’ first basketball title since NBA Live 10, is 13 days away, and EA Sports is trying to get people ready for its release with the release of some more screenshots from the PS4 version of the game.

While a couple of the screenshots are nice — like the KG dunk and the over-the-top dunk view that shows scuff marks on the court– the images are not overly impressive compared to what 2K Sports has shown in the promotion for its version of NBA 2K14. In fact, when it comes to individual player models, NBA Live can’t seem to compare to NBA 2K.

EA Sports has done very little to get next-gen basketball fans excited about the prospects of NBA Live 14 by slowly releasing information about it, and not showing true five on five gameplay. Fans want to see raw gameplay footage to see how the game actually plays and flows, but we haven’t seen anything of that nature and the game is just two weeks away.

At this rate, it wouldn’t be surprising to see not a single video of actual gameplay of the game.  EA Sports had it’s opportunity to make a name for itself in the NBA gaming market, but it has seemingly dropped the ball. That could all change if the game turns out to be excellent, but I wouldn’t hold your breath with the way this has panned out so far.

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