Gran Turismo 6 Course Maker Uses GPS To Map Real Life Routes


Over the next few weeks it will appear to be all next-gen all the time here at GameSided, but don’t think that there aren’t any exciting games coming out for the PlayStation 3 or the Xbox 360. For example, take the fact that one of the newest features from Gran Turismo 6 is that in a future update to the Course Maker you can use a GPS feature in a mobile app to map a real-life car driving course, then take that data to recreate a track within the game.

That’s right, in the future of Gran Turismo 6 you can map your commute to and from work, then come home and make it a driveable at 200 MPH speeds in fast cars. Plus, using a GPS visualizer it can add more replay details to your drive for added realism. The exact size of the custom Course Maker map feature is not exact at this time, but it appears to be somewhere between 20×20 kilometers and 50×50 kilometers. To put that in perspective, at the smallest it should be at least four times larger than the infamous Nurburgring race track, aka “The Green Hell.”

It’s pretty exciting of a prospect, but I would have to see it to believe it. If so, this aspect of Gran Turismo 6 would make one of the most innovative racing games on the market, even without being on the PlayStation 4.

Gran Turismo 6 will release worldwide for the PlayStation 3 on December 6th, and out a day earlier on December 5th in Japan.


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