Wii Mini Coming To The US


Just two weeks after announcing that the Wii will cease production in Japan, Nintendo has announced that its Wii Mini console, a smaller and cheaper version of the Wii, will finally be making its stateside debut in mid-November of this year.

The micro-console does not have internet connectivity due to its size which limits play to either single player or local multiplayer as well as disables the ability for players to access the Nintendo e-shop. It also doesn’t support backwards compatibility with Gamecube games which was one of the most popular Wii features.

The Wii Mini originally released in Canada for $99 last December, and sold 35,700 units in its first two months. When it hits store shelves over the next week or so, the Wii Mini will again retail for $99, and include a copy of Mario Kart Wii with every system.


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