New Gran Turismo 6 Trailer


Gran Turismo 6 is just over a month away, and the team at Sony has released the latest trailer for the simulation racing game.

The trailer, titled Start Your Engines, gives a look at some in-game racing action as well as some, apparent, behind-the-scenes creation action for the game. In terms of what the game looks like on the track, it looks as incredible as a racing game can possibly look in terms of car detail. As far as the tracks and terrain goes, they look good from what you can see in the trailer, but there is nothing about them that would blow you away.

You, of course, can be the judge yourself by watching the video below.

Those who hope to get their hands on GT 6 have to have a PS3 because unfortunately, the game will not, as of now, be making an appearance on the PlayStation 4 any time soon. Gran Turismo 6 releases on December 6.


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