Forza 5 Car Pass To Cost 50 Dollars


If you want access to DLC for Forza Motorspot 5, it’s going to cost you.

Microsoft detailed the DLC for the upcoming Xbox One racer, and revealed that the Forza 5 “Car Pass” will cost consumers $50. The pass will include the first six sets of add-on content for the game.

New cars will be released monthly by developer Turn 10, and can be purchased either a la carte or by way of a discounted “car pack” if the $50 pass isn’t purchased. Microsoft states that purchasing the car pass will save players 18 percent compared to buying each car pack individually.

For the sake of comparison, last year’s Forza Horizons’ DLC pass also cost $50.

The first car pack, which contains the LaFerrari hypercar (pictured above), will be released alongside the game and console on November 22.


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