Call of Duty: Ghosts – Midnight Launch Information And Launch Party Details


The official release of “Call of Duty: Ghosts” is on Tuesday, November 5, otherwise known as tomorrow. Yet if you’re like millions of players around the world, you aren’t going to want to wait until you get out of school or off work to play it. You need it in your hands as close to midnight tonight as possible, and then in your console or PC as soon as humanly possible after that.

Fortunately you’ve got some options when it comes to midnight launch locations. Here’s what you need to know if you’re headed out to pick up “Call of Duty: Ghosts” tonight:


GameStop – As you might expect, GameStop is going all out with midnight openings for this launch. You can find the stores nearest to your location right here. Copies can still be pre-ordered online, and stores will begin processing the actual transactions at 6 pm. The sooner you finalize your purchase, the sooner you’ll get your copy after midnight. Most stores will remain open until 1 am, but GameStop still advises you check with your location of choice to see if that’s the case.

Best Buy – Selected Best Buy stores are opening at midnight too. To find out if there’s one close to you, hit up this page and look about halfway down for the “November 5 Midnight Store Openings” link. Click on that and pick your state out of the dropdown box.

Walmart – Some Walmart locations are opening at midnight. Which ones? Darned if we know. Of course some stores are also open 24/7 and will be selling the game at 12:01 anyway. The best bet if you’re going this route is probably just to contact your local store and check.


EB Games / GameStop – Plenty of stores are opening at midnight for our neighbors in the North, and there’s a handy list of locations online. There’s also an official launch party in Toronto starting at 6 pm; details can be found in a link on that same page.

Best Buy – Canadian Best Buys everywhere except for Quebec and Sudbury will be open at midnight. A launch party at Bay & Dundas kicks off at 9 pm with a chance to demo the game with the LG street team, prizes, and giveaways. Get the scoop here.

Future Shop – Shouldn’t Future Shop already have opened? It’s in the future! Just kidding. All Future Shop stores (except Quebec and Sudbury, where they apparently don’t like being up at midnight) will be open at 12 am. The downtown Vancouver location at Robson and Granville has a shindig starting at 9 pm with developers on hand to sign autographs.


GAME – The chain that’s so cool it needs to have its name in all caps is doing it up for the midnight launch as well. Most are also opening early in the morning as well. The list of which stores are doing what is right here.