Battlefield 4 Sound Glitch Makes Entire Multiplayer Rooms Silent (Video)


Battlefield 4 has been released for the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 this past week, and already players have found some

game-breaking bugs and glitches


Youtuber TeamTooHeavy has uploaded a video in which he puts a silencer on a specific designated marksman rifle (sniper class). Going into a multiplayer room, as soon as the player shoots the rifle, this Battlefield 4 sound glitch causes the audio to cut out for the entire server.

In the video, we can see our Battlefield 4 sound glitch tester try it on multiple rooms, stepping out of play, customizing loadouts to jump back in, and completely leaving the server to rejoin the match in progress. On that last attempt, audio is still cut out for everyone but the joining sniper class player. After taking another shot, the silence returns. The bug, so far, has been confirmed for the PC version of the game.

In comparison to other sound bugs that cause minor annoyances, this Battlefield 4 sound glitch can give players who know how to exploit it the advantage of manipulating audio cues from other players, leaving the server and jumping right back in and becoming the only player who has sound. Hearing footsteps, explosions, capture the flag warnings and audio support commands while nobody else can creates a terrible shift in balance, so hopefully the team at DICE can fix the problem soon.


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