Xbox One Will Support DLNA Streaming, Audio CD’s


Just a few days after Sony released the Ultimate FAQ for the PlayStation 4 (revealing the console will not support MP3/audio CD’s/DLNA at launch) comes news that the Xbox One will do all of those things…eventually, around launch time. To be specific, the Xbox One will support audio CD’s and is DLNA compatible at launchMicrosoft is said to be in the process of certification, which does not guarantee that you can use DLNA services from Day 1.

As well, the Xbox One runs MP3 music in a very interesting way. The console serves as a “Play To” receiver, allowing you to stream from supported Windows 7, 8, 8.1 PC’s and Windows smartphones. It does not appear as though playback from USB flash drives or external hard drives will work.

It plays heavily into Microsoft’s original plans for their Xbox One device. They touted their console as a future-proof device, banking on internet-integrated services like The Cloud™ and gifting/game trading. However, after a sizable amount of customers voiced their displeasure for the mandatory 24-hour online check-ins and other DRM policies, Microsoft had to scale some of their more grandiose ideas back. Getting DLNA service access at/near launch while the PS4 does not can help the Xbox One sell itself better as a multimedia console in its early stages.


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