Movember 2013: Top 10 Best Mustaches In Video Games

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#7: Victor “Sully” Sullivan (Uncharted series) Sully is my favorite character out of the entire Uncharted series. A former recruit of the United States Navy, he has spent most of his life as a freelance thief, eventually taking a young Nathan Drake under his wing to help take him off the streets. For decades he has treated Nathan like his own child, teaching him the ways of slight-of-hand and theivery.

Nothing speaks more of his fatherly attitude than his awesome dad ‘stache! Thick and full of vibrance, it helps carry his voice as a wise-cracking old fool willing to jump into trouble head first. It may be rather vanilla, but it speaks to an old-school style and sensibility that is underappreciated in gaming these days. Another recent example of this…

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