Non-fans might not realize this, but the original "Star Trek" TV series only l..."/> Non-fans might not realize this, but the original "Star Trek" TV series only l..."/>

Star Trek Online Season 8 Launching November 12


Non-fans might not realize this, but the original “Star Trek” TV series only lasted three seasons. That makes Perfect World and Cryptic Studios’ MMORPG “Star Trek Online” more than twice as successful, since it’s about to boldly go into Season 8.

Okay, so the comparison between a TV show and an MMO isn’t really apples to apples. That doesn’t make it any less impressive that “Star Trek Online” is going to be launching its new season on November 12. Subtitled “The Sphere,” the new content focuses on a massive Dyson sphere housing a plot that threatens the whole galaxy, as well as allowing the Voth to make their video game debut.

“We couldn’t be more excited to announce the release date of ‘Season 8: The Sphere,'” sExecutive Producer Daniel Stahl said in a recent press release. “We continue to deliver free downloadable updates to the game and bring compelling new experiences to our players year after year.

An old friend from “Star Trek: The Next Generation” is also joining in the fun, as Michael Dorn once again voices Worf for the feature episode “Sphere of Influence.” As the name implies, it involves Worf journeying with players to learn more about the Sphere in an adventure that is already live.

To engage with “Star Trek Online” before “The Sphere” kicks off on November 12, simply head to the official site and sign up for a free account.


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