Morning DLC: Video Games News And Rumors 11/1/13


"Ubisoft has announced plans to drop its Uplay Passport program from all future releases, meaning players will not be required to enter a single-use code to access single-player and multiplayer content locked behind the pass.In addition, the publisher will be removing the cost of the Uplay Passport for “Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag,” making all content locked behind the program – including the single-player ‘Edward’s Fleet’ content – accessible to all players at no additional charge.Ubisoft’s decision to drop its online pass program follows similar decisions from rival publishers EA, SCE and Codemasters."

"Microsoft Studios boss Phil Spencer has said the Xbox One launch line-up is strong even without “TitanFall,” and believes the platform holder won’t have any trouble selling consoles.Speaking on IGN’s podcast unlocked, Spencer talked up the Microsoft exclusive first-person shooter, but also said it has plenty of other games available for players to enjoy at launch.Spencer admitted that having the “TitanFall” available on day one would have had a noticeable impact, but believes the staggered launch of Respawn’s shooter means it will be available “at a perfect time”."


"Yesterday Sega released downloadable content for “Total War: Rome 2” that adds blood and gore to the game for £2.This isn’t the first time Sega has released blood and gore as DLC for a “Total War” game. Back in 2011 it launched a Blood Pack DLC for “Total War: Shogun 2.” On Steam this costs 99p.Some players, though, were upset at the move to do the same for “Rome 2,” feeling something aesthetic such as blood and gore should have been included with the game in the first place."