Gamers Gear Up For Extra Life Charity Gaming Marathon


Chances are, if you’re reading this, you wouldn’t need to have someone twist your arm to play video games for 25 hours straight. Unfortunately, things like sleeping, eating, and life get in the way most of the time.

But tomorrow, a bunch of people will be embarking on a full day of gaming, and doing it for a good cause: to help heal sick kids. The Extra Life 2013 event officially starts November 2 at 8 am (though it can be done on any day, or even broken up into chunks as some organizations do) and runs through November 3 at 9 am. Any games count, regardless of platform—yes, that means mobile games and even board games.

Participants have been gathering pledges, and the proceeds go to support the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Each person attempting the marathon can select the specific hospital he or she wants to play for from the 170 CMN hospitals in the US and Canada, and anyone who wants to play outside North America can select a cause or hospital elsewhere.

Expect to see plenty of players streaming, tweeting, or otherwise doing things to promote their full day of gaming this weekend. It’s not too late to donate a few dollars to the effort either, as you can hit up the Extra Life site to search for someone you know is playing or make a general donation to the overall effort.

I won’t be playing myself because of this unfortunate thing called “work,” but I donated in support of the editor-in-chief of Gamezebo, Jim Squires. His page is here if you need someone to back, and for everyone who is playing, remember to take bathroom/water/exercise breaks!


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