American McGee And Spicy Horse Games Invite iOS Gamers To Enter The Gate


It didn’t work out for American McGee and the Land of Oz. Hey, it happens. The acclaimed game designer isn’t letting that get him down. Not only did his “Alice: Otherlands” short films reach their crowdfunding goals, he and Spicy Horse games have another game in the works and coming to iOS.

Sporting the ominous title “The Gate,” the new project promises “a unique blend of card collecting and real-time strategy elements not found elsewhere.” And to be frank, not too many games are set in the pits of Hell, battling to be King of the Underworld against a host of demons and devils. Oh, and other players too.

Along the way, you’ll be building up your team, equipping its members with skills and spells, sacrificing some cards to level up others (which might make more sense in this context than in most card battle games!), and maneuvering through battle arenas to test your tactical prowess. Card battle games have gotten more than a little samey on mobile devices, but if anyone can bring new wrinkles to one, it’s probably McGee and Spicy Horse.

Intrigued? You can sign up at the game’s sparse but official site right now. Not only will you be notified when “The Gate” hits iPhone and iPad, you’ll get a fee exclusive card when it goes live.

Don’t be scared. Just be prepared to enter “The Gate.”


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