2K Puts Mobile Games On Sale For Halloween


I was all set to lead off this post by saying that Halloween isn’t generally thought of as a shopping holiday, but then I remembered costumes, decorations, and candy and decided maybe it is. At any rate, 2K Games realizes that maybe people have spent some coin already getting ready for Halloween, so maybe they’d like it if some of the company’s top-selling mobile games were marked down.

The sale is on right now and runs through November 2 (that’d be Saturday) on the iOS App Store. Specifically, we’re talking about the following games:

  • “XCOM: Enemy Unknown” — $9.99
  • “Sid Meier’s Pirates!” — $0.99
  • “2K Drive” — $1.99
  • “NBA 2K14” — $2.99
  • “NHL 2K11” — $0.99
  • “Civilization Revolution” — $0.99

I’ve beaten this drum before, but “XCOM” is pretty much a must buy when it goes on sale. Anyway, have fun trick or treating, and I guess shopping too.


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