Super Hero Squad Online Closes Out October With Monster Sale


There’s already been plenty of Halloween-themed content in”Super Hero Squad Online” this month, including some playable characters of the decidedly monstrous variety. But Gazillion has one more treat in store to end the season right in the form of a “Monster Sale.”

From now through October 31, a variety of heroes with connections to the spooky side of the Marvel Universe (some more dubious than others, but hey) are 20 percent off. Specifically, Black Cat, Blade, Dr. Strange, Ghost Rider, Moon Knight, Morbius, Punisher (he wears a skull on his chest, remember?), Sasquatch, Scarlet Witch, Tigra, and Werewolf by Night are all available at reduced prices.

“SHSO” is also sporting a new survival mission called “Monster Smash!” It’s playable in regular and Crisis difficulties and promises to put players up against waves and waves of appropriately seasonal foes.

Last but not least, the game continues to promote its relatively new crafting system with newly added parts and more craftable sidekicks. Because let’s face it: it’s a lot easier to just make your own sidekick than to train one, right? You can snag some crafting materials for free by entering the code “CSMCNRGY” right now.

So there you have it true believers. Two days left until Halloween and plenty of reasons to go log in. Go Hero Up!


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