Battlefield 4 Review Roundup, Differences Between PS4 And Xbox One


It’s been a crazy couple of hours since the embargo lifted for Battlefield 4. Arthur Gies of Polygon revealed that the PlayStation 4 version runs at 900p, while the Xbox One version runs at 720p. That makes the PlayStation 4 version have roughly 56% more pixels on screen.

Then came the Digital Foundry comparison videos. The first video looks at graphical differences in live action, but shot the Xbox One version with crushed blacks and a warmer color gradient than the PlayStation 4. One of the team members admitted to making mistakes due to time constraints and using DICE-provided equipment. Check out gif 1 and gif 2 and look closely at the backgrounds/outlines of objects for jaggies to see comparable differences.

The second video featured framerate tests during gameplay in both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Both versions remained near 60 FPS for the majority, with each console taking a framerate lead at different points in the video. The game will run between 45-60 FPS.

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s look into what reviewers are saying at Battlefield 4. Note: many seem to be playing the PC or current gen versions, as it is impossible to test the online servers for next-gen consoles for reviews at this time. Check out all of the reviews below, and make sure to follow us on Twitter for the latest on Battlefield 4 and all the new releases!

Polygon: 7.5/10

Adam Sessler (Rev3Games)A four………..out of five.



Game Informer8.75/10

PC Gamer84/100





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