Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag Review Roundup


The time is now to get your pirate on and set sail for some high seas adventures with Ubisoft releasing Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag today on the PS3 and Xbox 360.

It will drop for the PS4 on November 12 and the Xbox One on November 19.

If you ever wanted to experience life as a pirate, now is your perfect opportunity to do so. There will be underwater missions and the ability to take command of your very own ship.

One of the best things about the game is that it gives the player freedom to carve their own path. The game also doesn’t take it self too serious.

The review scores are listed below and the game has been very well received. Some of the praises for the game are the vibrant world and the outstanding naval combat.

Let me know what you think of the game and if Ubisoft did a good job portraying life as a pirate.

NowGamer – 8/10
Joystiq – 4/5
Edge – 9/10
Godisageek – 9/10
GamesRadar – 4.5/5
OXM – 9/10
CVG – 9/10
Kotaku – Yes
Eurogamer – 9/10
OPM – 8/10
Polygon – 7.5/10
Gamespot – 9/10
DigitalSpy – 4/5
Shacknews – 8/10
Videogamer – 7/10
IGN – 8.5/10
Gamestar Hungary – 9.2/10
GamersNET – 8/10
GameInformer – 8.25/10 – 8/10 – 85/100
Gamergy – 9/10
AusGamers – 9.3/10
Inthegame – 9.5/10
Viciojuegos – 83/100

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