Rebel Machine Cranks Up To Help Publish Indie Games


Usually video game PR types aren’t really creating news, just helping to shepherd it in the desired direction. If you jump into the industry in a more direct, hands-on role though, that’s a different story.

Such is the case for Tom Ohle, who is branching out from Evolve PR to co-found Rebel Machine, a new company looking to help independent developers get their games published. Ohle is a PR and marketing vet, managing campaigns for CD Projekt RED (“The Witcher” series), Epic Games, and, just to name a few.

His partner in the new venture is Khaled Ibrahimi, who was director and cinematic producer on “Killzone 3” before moving on to Cannibal games and Interceptor Entertainment (“Rise of the Triad”). Together, they’re looking for “great games that push the industry forward, through narrative, gameplay or artistry.” Rebel Machine is offering to help indie devs in any way they need it, whether it’s promotion, production logistics, business advice, or some combination of all three.

Of course it’s always better to hear about stuff like this right from the source, and as luck would have it, Rebel Machine already has a website up and running, along with a handy survey for developers to tell Ohle and Ibrahimi exactly what they might need from a partnership.

So if you’re an indie developer or know someone who is, consider becoming a cog in the machine. But, you know, the Rebel Machine, not the machine in the greater, corporate sense, because then you wouldn’t be an indie, right?