Nintendo 2DS Is Featured In New Trailer


The holiday season can represent a difficult time for parents, especially for the ones that aren’t familiar with video games. There’s a great number of systems available to purchase and each of them has different features they offer.

It looks like Nintendo is trying to ease that burden by releasing a new trailer that addresses some questions involving the Nintendo 2DS.

The trailer hits all of the key points, informing parents that the 2DS can play regular DS games as well as 3DS games, only giving up the ability to play games in 3D.

It’s highly unlikely that the video will be shown on TV, but for parents that want to do some research before holiday shopping it might be worth watching.

The goal of the trailer is to also help parents understand what the handheld can do in relation to the other handhelds by Nintendo, namely the 3DS and 3DS XL.

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