Telltale Games Teases The Walking Dead Season 2 On October 29


Hot off the success of Episode 1 of The Wolf Among Us comes news from Telltale Games that Season 2 of the popular The Walking Dead series will be announced on their website this Tuesday October 29th at 3 PM ET.

The announcement was teased over the weekend by both the director of public relations and the community manager for Telltale games, up to an hour before details were officially revealed.

The first season of The Walking Dead was a huge success, garnering multiple Game of the Year awards from multiple gaming websites. They hope to follow that up with another strong season, but not a lot is known at this time.

We do know that Clementine will make her return this year, but in which ways are unknown at this time. The 400 Days DLC provided more questions than answers, as the stop-gap content told the stories of 5 survivors. Depending on your choices, it is entirely possible none or all or some progress to the unknown in the Walking Dead universe (make sure to read our review of The Walking Dead: 400 Days).

The Walking Dead Season 2 information will be posted by Telltale Games this Tuesday at 3 PM. We will keep you posted with all the information that comes out of this event.


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