Morning DLC: Video Games News And Rumors 10/27/13


"Sharing physical copies of games on the PlayStation 4 may be simple – a claim Sony famously demonstrated with this viral video – but as detailed by the PS4 FAQ, sharing digital games is a bit more complex and restrictive. According to the FAQ, users will need to register one PS4 as their primary system, and on that system, downloaded games can be played by anyone. Users can also re-download their digital copies of games on other systems as long as they’re signed into the PlayStation Network, but only that user can start up the game.Designating a primary console also unlocks several other features, including Remote Play on Vita and the ability to purchase and pre-order content via the PlayStation App and have said content automatically download to your PS4. The FAQ also states that once you’ve chosen a primary PS4, “you can use up to 2 systems concurrently: the system activated as your ‘primary’ PS4 system, and one other system.”"


"Ken Levine took to the stage at the Golden Joystick Awards 2013 this afternoon to pick up the long-running event’s inaugural Lifetime Achievement award.For the first time in its 31 year history the Golden Joystick Awards honoured an individual for their lifetime’s work by celebrating Irrational Games co-founder Levine’s accomplishments, ranging from 1999’s “System Shock 2” to 2013’s “BioShock Infinite.”Addressing an audience of games industry professionals at London’s Westminster Bridge Plaza, where today’s event was held, Levine said: “It’s incredibly flattering and also strange to be honoured with a lifetime achievement award for an industry that didn’t exist when I was born. And I’m not even very young."


"“Dungeon Dashers” is a turn-based dungeon crawler from Melbourne developer Jigxor, which has just made its way to Steam Early Access as well as other digital distributors. The in-development game aims to capture the feel of a tabletop board game, and to streamline dungeon crawling to its core essentials.In its current incarnation, the game features tactical combat, a dragon boss battle, 15 enemy types, custom loadouts for each class, 13 player skills, 11 levels over five environments, 15 unlockable pieces of unique equipment and a level editor."