Out Of The Park Baseball 14 And Franchise Hockey Manager 2014 Hit Steam Greenlight


Sports sim fans have a reason to go visit Steam Greenlight. Actually, make that two reasons.

Ouf of the Park Developments has launched Steam Greenlight campaigns for both “Out of the Park Baseball 14” and “Franchise Hockey Manager 2014” in an attempt to get both games in front of more people and make them more accessible to all. Should the titles make it onto Steam, they’ll both remain available through the company’s own web stores as well.

OOTP co-founder and lead developer Markus Heinsohn explained the move in a recent press release, making it clear that he sees it as a win-win for both the company and fans of its products.

“Some people were worried that we get a smaller share of the game revenues when people buy from Steam,” Heinsohn said. “That’s true, but we do not see Steam as a replacement for our normal way of selling games via eSellerate – it’s an additional way of getting ‘OOTP’ and ‘FHM’ into the hands of potential fans who would otherwise not have discovered the games.

“And the more people discover and enjoy our games, the better for everyone involved, because this will allow us to spend even more resources on the development of our titles.”

You can check out the campaign pages for both “OOTP 14” and “FHM 2014” right now, and be sure to vote if you’d like to see them offered through Steam. And if you just can’t wait that long, “OOTP 14” is on sale right now for half off its normal price in honor of that World Series thing that’s going on.