Morning DLC: Video Games News And Rumors 10/25/13


"Microsoft has reported record first quarter revenue of $18.53 billion (£11.4b), despite a drop in Xbox 360 sales.Microsoft sold 1.2 million Xbox 360s during the quarter, down 29 percent year-over-year. Worldwide Xbox 360 sales have now surpassed 80 million units since the system launched in November 2005, according to internal Microsoft data.In an earnings call last night, Microsoft chief financial official Amy Hood said (via “We expect the launch of Xbox One to be the biggest in Xbox history.”"


"“Dota 2” is so big, I think some people forget that not everyone is playing it. No, really, I split off my Steam account two months ago and I’m still 7724 in the launch queue. But, it looks like an entire country will be getting “Dota 2” before me.Nexon is a Korean-based company that claims the dubious honor of pioneering the concept of micro transactions and free-to-play games. Not sure they should really be bragging about it. They have partnered with Valve to bring “Dota 2” onto the Korean market."


"Video game shops in Canada are selling DualShock 4 controllers for the PS4 weeks before the console is released.The controller has been spotted on the shelves of EB Games in Montreal in Canada, selling for $60.The EB Games website shows the controller available for pre-order, but does not say whether fans can pick up the DualShock controller early.PSX Extreme spoke to in-store staff, who said that they are receiving shipments of the PS4 controllers early."