Canada Getting NHL 14 PS3 Bundle


Though everybody is talking about the next generation of consoles coming in November, some forget that there is still a lot of life left in the current-gen systems.

Sony still understands that there will be interest in its current console, and has announced its newest bundle for the PlayStation 3.

The NHL 14 package, which will only be available in Canada because we all know how much they love their hockey, includes an icy-blue super-slim PS3 console with a 250GB hard drive, a matching DualShock 3 controller and a copy of NHL 14 from EA Sports, a game only being released for the current gen, for $249.99.

The bundle will be available only at EB Games Canada stores at first, but will eventually make its way to other outlets across the country.

So tell us GameSiders, will you be getting this bundle?


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