BioShock Infinite: Burial At Sea DLC Gets November 12 Launch


Fans of BioShock Infinite: rejoice! Episode 1 of the “Burial at Sea” DLC is set to launch this November 12, according to the development staff. It is just 3 days before the launch of the PlayStation 4 as a means of both expanding on the Booker/Elizabeth universe and as a way of sating the appetite of those anxiously waiting for next-gen console release.

The first part of a 2-part series of story driven DLC content will cost you $14.99 separately, or you can purchase the $19.99 Season Pass that includes both episodes of Burial at Sea, the previously-released “Clash in the Clouds” arena-based DLC and the Early Bird pack that contains weapon customization and infusion bottle upgrades. The entire saga takes place in Rapture, home of the first 2 BioShock games.

What you can expect to make its return is the balance between stealth and action, as combat has been reworked. We also see the return of the combat wheel, something missed in the vanilla BioShock Infinite game. It’s great to see the Burial at Sea DLC aim more towards a proper Bioshock game than a stylized Call of Duty “switch between two weapons only” approach. Furthermore, it will be intriguing to see how each episode of the add-on content flows together, as the first half is supposed to be devoid of combat altogether.

BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea will be making its way to XBLA, PSN, PC distributors and at retail stores this November 12.


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