Solstice Arena Gamer Goes For 24-Hour Livestream On Twitch


Sure, maybe you like “Solstice Arena,” the Speed MOBA from Zynga. You might even love it. But are you devoted enough to it to play it for 24 hours straight?

We’re guessing the answer is “probably not,” but somebody is. That somebody goes by the handle QuinckGaming, and he’s in the process of attempting a 24-hour livestream of “Solstice Arena” even as we speak. Er, type. QuinckGaming is a veteran streamer who’s been known to make the Twitch TV main page on occasion.

Since matches in “Solstice Arena” typically last between eight and 10 minutes each, Quinck is going to be playing a whole lot of them in one calendar day. As far as we know, he doesn’t have a sponsorship from any of the prominent energy drinks to try to make it through his marathon session. The “Solstice Arena” community team is showing him some love though, giving away a free skin for every hour he makes it through.

You can watch Quinck do his iron man thing on his own Twitch page, which is kind of the point of the whole endeavor, after all. If you’d like to jump in and play with or against him, “Solstice Arena” is free to play and is fully cross-platform on iOS, Mac, and PC via Steam.