PS4 Online Shopping Interest More Than Doubles That Of Xbox One


Based on general interest between the two upcoming next-gen consoles to be released, it was apparent there would be a divide between Sony’s and Microsoft’s consoles. It just didn’t seem apparent that, according to web traffic analysis and digital marketing website Compete, the PS4 is suggested to have more than double the online shopping interest of the Xbox One come this holiday season.

Let me preface the suggested data by saying correlation does not equal causation. This data does not state that consumers will make their purchases to this sort of marketing ratio, especially with the slow-but-sure resurgence of the Nintendo Wii U. However Compete is suggesting that, based on their findings, the PlayStation 4 has been shopped for online by almost 73% of holiday-2013-released console consumers, with 61% exclusively considering the PS4. In contrast, 39% of shopping interest has gone to the Xbox One, with only 27% looking into Microsoft’s third console exclusively.

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The Compete blog post also goes on to list the retailer market share, with leading the way each month since both consoles were officially announced this May with at least 38-67%.

It would have been nice to see a month-by-month chart showing differences in interest over the past few months. The Xbox One has undergone a great deal of ideological changes (for the time being) when it comes to DRM and online requirements. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Xbox One has been edging closer to parity as these console changes have been made. Either way, it will definitely make for interesting NPD sales data for the months ahead.

The PlayStation 4 will be released here in North America on November 15th, with the Xbox One launching worldwide in 13 countries on November 22nd.

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